A History of Hope

Out of the first Pink Glove Dance video in 2009 have grown hundreds of PGD videos, thousands of PGD dancers and more than a million dollars in contributions from Medline

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Want more PGD? Watch this year’s highlight video to see some clips from this year’s competition!

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The Pink Glove Dance Story

At Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, 200 people danced to the catchy tune “Down” by Jay Sean. The video went viral after it launched and was featured in numerous news stories across all media.


  • Dancers in video stepping up effort to fight cancer
    Dancers in video stepping up effort to fight cancer
    September 22, 2014
    The Reading Health System is hoping to take top prize in the


On September 9 at noon Central Time voting opens for the 2015 #PinkGloveDance competition. Who will be crowned this year's winner?
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