This is a personal diary that is meant to be shared

This unique movement is all about letting people know they are not alone in this fight. In the spirit of compassion that the Pink Glove Dance spreads across the globe, we invite you to share your triumphs, challenges and cheers here in the Pink Glove Diaries.

Stories of Survival, Hope & Remembrance

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Traci Quinn

Sumter, South Carolina

Who does cancer touch?

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Dayna Bell

Baltimore, Maryland

At age 29, the last thing on my mind was cancer. I was busy planning my
wedding and working as a speech pathologist. I had a faint family history, but
nothing that caused me concern.

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Michele Dador

Trevor, WI

Well, where do I start?  I have always been a rule-follower and that is how my story begins...following the rules.  Back in May 2013 I went to the "dreaded annual exam" (Although strangely enough, I absolutely love my doctor and her staff.) and left with an order for my first mammogram.  I also asked her if I needed to go right away and she said that I could wait until school was I did.  I scheduled one for June 26th, as I'd be up in MI for Father's Day weekend and then in Branson, MO with Chris, my husband, for a motorcycle rally until then.

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Reagan Craven

Libertyville, IL

In January 2014 my husband, Heath, and I moved from Michigan to Illinois for our careers.  We have two small daughters and it was difficult to keep up with the pace of change after the move - new home, new jobs, new grocery store, doctors, co-workers, new everything!  We both have careers in the healthcare industry, he works at Medline.  I was diagnosed with DCIS and invasive cancer 4 months after we moved to Illinois.  This did not fit into our busy life plan, but God gave us the means to cope through love, faith and trust.  We caught the cancer at Stage 1 and I am expected to make a full recovery.  My goal is to encourage others to get a baseline mammogram.  Early detection saved my life.  I had no family history - I had no lump.  I was living under the assumption it would never happen to me.  Thank you to Medline and its employees for helping bring awareness to this disease.  Thank you for supporting my family and I during an especially difficult time!

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