Port Huron Hospital

Port Huron, MI

Our participation in the Pink Glove Dance is an opportunity to inspire, energize and educate our community about the importance of annual mammography and early detection for every woman.

The hallway near the entrance to Women’s Wellness Place displays over 50 inspiring “Strength Through Survival” portraits that raise breast cancer awareness. This personalized collection consists of unique photographs and journal entries that express a woman’s outlook on her survival journey.  Often visitors, patients and staff are found pausing and admiring these stories of strength with smiles and a few tears. 

Port Huron Hospital believes that early detection through yearly mammography saves lives. Ongoing community outreach and education programs promote both annual mammography and our ability to provide this service for uninsured women in our community.  Generous donations from our community partners, including Radio First, provided more than 150 free mammograms last year through our “Women in Need” program.

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Medline is donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Generation Pink® gloves, and other Medline pink branded products, to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Since 2005, Medline has committed more than $1.2 million to the NBCF to help fund mammograms for individuals who cannot afford them as well as other educational and prevention resources.

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The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. Their mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and providing nurturing support services.

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